HR Proximity:
all the flexibility and power of SaaS

We host your applications in the cloud

Without any infrastructure investment required, the installation and operation of your HR Proximity and HR Proximity Manager applications have never been more economical and secure.

We ensure the confidentiality of your data and that of your partners

  • Each client is hosted within dedicated environments (servers and databases) that are separated from other customers.
  • Your data belongs to you and you can choose the location of its storage (Europe, US, etc.).
  • The training and employee data can be hosted on separate virtual servers: the confidentiality of your partners' HR data is thus respected.
  • You define the rules for storing data on your employees' devices in offline mode.

We provide secure, reliable and permanent access

  • HR Proximity can be quickly deployed within your international teams using app stores (iOS/Android) and on the web.
  • Access is defined and validated by your Manager.
  • Updates are regular and automatic.
  • With our partners, we are involved in server maintenance and backups.

The security and integrity of your information, a priority at every moment

Our systemic approach to the security of sensitive information is structured through a risk management process encompassing people, processes and systems.
The application's interaction with the servers is done in compliance with the highest existing safety standards:

  • Your data is encrypted in accordance with the 256-bit AES standard, and each encryption key is encrypted with a set of main and regularly-alternated keys.
  • Passwords are encrypted asymmetrically.
  • Only authorised and clearly identified people can have access to your company's data and resources.

We ensure that we provide you with all the information necessary to carry out your IT and extra-financial audits, and more specifically, we ensure:

  • the integrity of the data exchanged (completeness and accuracy),
  • the traceability of access and access attempts, as well as
  • the preservation of these traces as exploitable proof.

Our datacentres are subject to several audits by independent third parties to ensure data security and confidentiality. They have, among other things, received ISO 27001 and SOC 3 certification.

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