Our ambition: Make people want to learn

HR Proximity offers 10 modular and customised features to train your employees, but also to facilitate access and knowledge sharing.


Together with you, our teaching experts create training courses tailored to micro-learning.
These courses consist of 36 interactive sessions, spread over 12 weeks and divided into 3 sequences for pedagogical monitoring and regular assessment of skills.
Our solution integrates into your training system to contribute to your company's performance.

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HR Proximity makes your employees actors in their own development.
Throughout the courses, they are encouraged to share their knowledge on dedicated internal forums. The sessions are available gradually to facilitate exchanges within the same community.
A bonus system allows each learner to have an instant view of their learning curve.

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HR Proximity Manager is the platform that allows you to administer all your training and other functions autonomously.
You can define your training repositories, create, edit and adapt the different courses, then manage the pathways and run your learning communities.

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Our fundamentals: simplicity, accessibility and flexibility

Connect, regardless of your digital equipment

A multilingual digital platform, HR Proximity can be accessed via a computer, tablet or smartphone. It has been designed to enable learners to connect wherever they are, and whenever they wish.
Our functions adapt intelligently to and use all types of media: videos, images, animations, etc.

HR Proximity is a customisable application

In SaaS mode, HR Proximity is customisable to your logos and corporate colours.

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